Top Jerusalem Startups You May Not Have Heard Of

Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. It’s been 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem. Before the 6 Day War, people were digging mass graves in the parks, and now we’re dreaming of unicorns! It blows the mind.

Everyone knows how Tel Aviv is the foundation of the Startup Nation but Jerusalem is making a push to become the second “Silicon Wadi”.

More and more startups are coming out of Jerusalem. Last year, Jerusalem just missed cracking the top 20 startup cities in the world. And that was before Mobileye’s $15B exit to Intel.

Jerusalem startups form a strong and supportive entrepreneurial community. It was so inspiring to see how many of the startups we reached out to for this post were happy to suggest other companies we should include as well!

The growing startup ecosystem is fostered by fantastic organizations like MadeInJLM, includes some awesome accelerators like Siftech and MassChallenge, and has world class venture capital from VCs like Jumpspeed, OurCrowd and JVP.

I’m excited to see the ways Jerusalem startups are going to change the world in the years to come.


In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, we want to highlight some of the up-and-coming companies in the city. Some you might have heard of. And some you’ll hopefully hear a lot more of in the not too distant future.

Happy Yom Yerushalayim!
!יום ירושלים שמח


bitemojo is the first app to offer self-guided food tours and food experiences with nothing but your smartphone. bitemojo invites the user to choose his or her preferred tour which includes a fascinating itinerary, 6 delicious bites and 8-10 hidden joints and off-the-beaten-track places, where the user is completely flexible in the way he is consuming his experience: he can start the tour when ever he wants, he can stop for how long he wants, he can continue the day or week after, and he can even convert unclaimed bites at one destination into free bites in another.

bitemojo currently operates in Berlin, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and new destinations such as Rome, Barcelona and London should go live within weeks. Beside offering the tours for FIT’s, bitemojo experiences have also been used by corporations and educational tourism companies such as “Birthright Israel”, which provide their participants or customers with a fun, exciting and tasteful activity, while learning about Israel and its society’s DNA.

Blue Thread Marketing

From startups to cities, Blue Thread Marketing is a boutique digital agency promoting international and local brands through strategic digital marketing – specializing in Search Marketing (Google and social media PPC), SEO, Content Marketing and Social media management.

Blue Thread works in partnership with their clients to provide a holistic digital strategy that complements other traditional initiatives. They provide the tools and strategies for digital brand building and strengthening. Their targeted engagement and management of content focuses on driving website traffic and increasing user engagement and conversions.


Craze is a Jerusalem startup building the next generation of social e-commerce. Their platform enables customers to shop based on the looks and styles of the social influencers they love.

Discounts, flash sales and group purchases all happen easily between friends as you connect to Craze via your existing social networks.

A personal note from Jonathan Caras, CTO of Craze:

For the past 10 years I have worked in the Jerusalem startup scene, I have always felt like we are building a family, and today it is amazing to see how quickly that family is growing.


EZsave is a bill negotiation platform which is changing the balance of power between the customers and service providers.

EZsave reduces recurring expenses by renegotiating a customer’s plan based on usage patterns and the best available plan in the market. Currently, EZsave has more than 12,000 registered users and is growing quickly. The average yearly saving per customer is over ₪1,150.


Fillip was established in Jerusalem in 2015 on a belief in the power of the masses and an understanding of the new economy – that everyone should be able to profit from his contribution the the larger community, regardless of their age, color, status and education.

Fillip is a cooperative economic venture, with the goal of changing the job placement marketplace by deploying an ”army” of engineers in diverse fields to recommend their friends for jobs. This approach helps companies to reach talent in new ways and enables connectors help their friends find work and make some money in the process.

Finishers Club

Finishers Club is a platform for runners to log their race finish times and catalog their running gear in an appealing, visual profile — a mix of a virtual trophy case and gear locker.

The site is home to passionate athletes across the globe, from weekend 5K enthusiasts to sponsored ultra-marathoners, and runners everywhere in between. Finishers Club also produces a weekly newsletter, Running Commentary, and created a popular iMessage sticker app, Runner Pack.


International freight sound boring?

90% of everything is shipped (seriously, check the tag on your shirt, shoes or laptop), with over 8.5% of the US GDP spent on logistics. But it’s an old-school industry, where the average time to just get the right price and route for importing takes +3 days.

Enter Freightos, a Jerusalem powerhouse that’s raised $50 million from investors like General Electric and Aleph to bring logistics online with an online freight marketplace. After automating freight pricing and routing for over 1,000 freight companies. Last year they launched their freight marketplace, helping everyone from Fortune 100 companies to tiny, basement-run operations get their freight on.

Smooth shipping.


Hometalk is the worlds largest DIY community, with the mission to get everyone to ‘DIY more.’ Their platform is rich with ideas, support, advice, materials, and all the help anyone could possibly need to complete their projects. With a community that’s over 10M members strong, and over 300M monthly page views, the fact that their success is purely organic goes to say a lot about the excitement surrounding the DIY space.

If you’re active on Facebook, you may have spotted one of their viral DIY videos, or their one of their engaging and insightful FB Live events. The visual nature of Hometalk’s original DIY content is also the secret behind their popularity on Pinterest.


INNITEL, a Jerusalem-based Self-funded Startup (SaaS) company, has developed a cloud based realtime communications platform, that enables businesses to engage their customers via voice, Fax, SMS, and OTT. Leveraging Innitel’s proprietary applications, API’s and CRM integrations, INNITEL provides a robust engagement platform for SMB and SME.

Society is migrating from an environment where voice was the backbone of live communication to a landscape where our words are disseminated, real-time, through messaging, social media channels, email and augmented by voice and video. The word ‘Phone and call’ is rapidly being replaced with the actions of multi channel Real Time Communication, and as importantly, consumers are expecting that their brands and products adapt to this landscape. Innitel’s rapidly evolving product line including CloudPBX and Atomic Platform, attracts companies wishing to engage and/or market effectively in this evolving landscape.


Imagine if you could be a fly-on-the-wall for conversations between your favorite experts? ReplyAll has a built a tool that allows websites to invite interesting people to their site to engage in a back and forth and readers can follow the conversations as they unfold. Instead of publishing a static opinion column written by just one person, websites can now publish dynamic conversations created by multiple authors.

ReplyAll launched in 2013 and is already working with publishers like Bloomberg, HuffPost and Sports Illustrated and is running campaigns for corporate customers in both the B2B and B2C space. The company has grown organically without outside funding and has grown its revenues 4x year over year for the last three years.


Strattic brings serverless security, speed and scalability to the Open Source web.

Strattic publishes Open Source content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as static websites. This eliminates the vulnerabilities that plague these platforms making them impermeable to hacking; and makes them faster and scalable.


Content today is growing exponentially faster than we can handle. Stories have become jumbled and disorganized, making it difficult for publishers’ readers to consume them. Tline’s goal is to organize content on a neat timeline, embeddable into any publisher, in order to revolutionize storytelling. Everyone can use Tline’s user-friendly platform, leading to their very own Tline. Whether it is developing stories or past events, anything can get timelined.

With a rev-share business model, Tline enables brands to tell their stories to the world, through their publishers. Looking forward, Tline plans to disrupt the live-news storytelling approach using NLP and machine learning technologies.


Umoove developed the first ever, pure software, face & eye tracking technology, for any mobile device. No extra hardware needed. A unique technology (15 patents filed), built from ground up, that has attracted the attention of many of the biggest companies in the world.

Through regular app downloads, any device can become capable of seeing the user and looking him in the eye. This opens many new possibilities in a range of markets such as VR/AR, healthcare, gaming, e-commerce, advertising, automotive and more. Umoove can be easily integrated to enhance various existing apps as well as be the driving technology for entirely new applications.


Yala helps startups and small businesses manage their social media accounts more effectively through Slack and Facebook Messenger. With Yala, you can publish to several social networks and accounts with a text message, and ensure your posts are precisely timed so that they engage your audience when they’re online.

Yala calculates the perfect time to publish your posts based on who and how many of your audience members are on the social network. With Yala, you’re always performing in front of a full house.

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